Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Someone asked my how I keep such a good attitude. Another asked me how I keep my skin looking so lovely. And then still another how my eyes always shine.
It's not that my life is always perfect, however in the last 10 years it has considerable changed for the better! I have learned (and am still learning) how to improve my success and happiness in life. After all - everyone around me benefits!
Here are my answers;
1. Emotional: meditate, journal, be kind, serve your family, friends and community. Forgive yourself for your past transgressions. Look for the gift in bad situations.
2. Financial: have savings: spend much less than you earn. NO DEBT!!
3. Environment: surround yourself with family and friends who are sweet and loving. Keep your home, car and office in order. Fix anything that is broken immediately. Donate items that you don't use to clear space!
4. Intellectual: constantly challenge yourself to grow. Read, learn, risk and have fun! Do something every day that is your genius!
5. Mental health: keep an eye on how you treat people and yourself. Learn tools to help you be the observer of your life. Learn to breath deeply. Don't constantly alter your state of being (with alcohol, coffee, TV, sugar or drugs). Take time to unwind in a healthy way.
6. Physical: take a stroll every day. Enjoy nature and you walk. Eat clean (as much as you can)! The brown stuff is "Khichadi" recipe from The Hot Belly book.

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