Sunday, November 16, 2014

You don't need to say it!

I used to be a professional poker player.  That is, I derived my income from playing at the tables of Commerce Casino, Bicycle Club, Hawaiian Gardens, Crystal Park and later on in Vegas as Bellagio, Palms, Mirage and Binions too!  It was an interesting time in my life.  One of deep study of human nature!

My mathematical background was definitely useful in the game of poker, but, by far, it was my ability to see patterns in human behavior and feel the temperature of the table that enabled me to win over and over again.

The more you put yourself out there at the table, the more information you are giving to your opponents.  If you talk, move around, eat, drink or have any type of twitch, every little things is a "tell".  It is a revealing piece of information that helps the professionals understand who you are and therefore how you play. 

Your words and your actions determine who you are at the poker table.

This is the same in life, you can think whatever you want!  You can wish death on someone, but it is when you say it out loud that you are now effecting those around you.  Your action or inaction can cause pain, but thoughts alone are harmless.  You have had people say, "fake it until you make it", well, that means however you mad you are at your friend, partner or family member, if you just "act" happy, loving and generous, you will actually get there.  Because words and actions are way more powerful than thoughts.  I wholeheartedly dissagree with the assertion that "it's the thought that counts"! Or another one that I hear often is, "she has such a good HEART"!  That means she is a mean bully but underneath she is kind.  NOPE!!  

Just as like on the poker table, you don't win or lose until you take the chips off of the table - in life, you also can't win or lose until you say it or do it.

So, your words and actions are very powerful, are you going to choose positive or negative today?

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