Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Practice

This year I am not going to state annual goals.  I am setting a "context" for the year - a filter to live my life through.  A set of suggestions to lean into as a daily practice.


1.  I will take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for my journey and happiness.
(I will not look to others' journey and compare or be needy with my loved ones)

2.  I will move WITH the flow of life.
(I will not fight "what is" or be attached to my desired outcomes)

3.  I will be SWEET and COMPASSIONATE to myself and others.
(I will immediately forgive for transgressions and imperfections)

4.  I will be quiet unless I can IMPROVE upon the silence.
(I will not pick on people, judge their choices or gossip negatively)

5.  I will allow LOVE in all forms.
(I will not control the way people show their affection towards me)

6.  I will look for the GIFT in all situations.
(I will not be angry or disappointed by events)

7.  I will GIVE GENEROUSLY of my time, love, knowledge, wisdom and creative talents.
(I will not keep my journey to myself)

As I share my experiences authentically and vulnerably - i connect deeply to the earth and all living creatures on it.  That is my goal in my life - to BE ONE with ALL.

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