Sunday, September 6, 2015

Your Divinity Is Inside!!!

There were years of my life that I spent chasing happiness.  Looking for love in all the wrong places (people that had none to give).  Shopping to fill a hole.  Drinking to avoid thinking.  Numbing with non stop television watching.  Constantly changing cars, homes and jobs to keep myself so busy that I didn't have to analyze or be accountable for my choices, actions and behaviors.  Time went very quickly.  I was always "reacting" to circumstances.  I often played the blame game - telling anyone that would listen of my unstable and abusive childhood.  It was a whirlwind of rushing and missing out on the true essence of living.

In my 39th year on this planet, I had been divorced for 4 years, I was broke, I didn't have a job and my hopes of having a natural family were shattered when I had two ectopic pregnancies while married which led to my inability to be pregnancy again. Yes - I was BLiSSfully happy!  Ecstatic to be alive.  Healthy.  Breathing.  Lovable.  Living in America.  

Bizarrely at this time I started tasting food more intensely.  My eyes saw colors more brightly.  My heart overflowed with love for my family, my friends AND people who had wronged or hurt me in the past. I was able to beyond forgiveness to DEEP GRATITUDE for all that had preceded.  It was amazing!

And now - 3 years later - I am still mostly there.  I do have moments when I don't feel peaceful - but they are further and further apart.

In this new state I attracted my true soul mate.  The real love of my life.  A man that was whole and complete before he met me.  A compassionate, generous, loving and kind spiritual man.

And so it is.  BLiSS attracts BLiSS.

I highly recommend meditation, good eating, volunteering, gratitude and most of all CHOOSING to look for the good in all things, people and places!

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