Sunday, November 24, 2013

What is Success?

Happiness and success are synonymous.  Achieving by overcoming adversity is uplifting and instills a deep internal sense of pride that nothing else compares to.  Mistakes are where the lessons are learned.  I welcome failing, because it is in those very moments that my brilliant mind goes searching for a new strategy, a new idea, a new way.  When I navigate through a problem, and win, that is when I truly feel accomplished.  

An easy way to describe this is through tennis.  I started playing at 35 years old and I sucked.  Seriously, those who know me that being humble is not one of my qualities, I really could not hit the ball into the court at all! In fact I used to go home after a couple hours of doubles and cry in the bathtub from frustration!  However, I persevered, I got mad, I cried more, I wanted to quit, but I didn't.  I kept getting back on the court.  Over and over again.  I got better, and better, and started winning.

Even though winning is fun, it is not where you learn the valuable lessons.  When I win a match I walk off satisfied that I won, but it is short lived.  What builds character, talent and self respect is losing and getting back on the court to play again.  Learning from your mistakes.  Taking control of your life and being causative in your success.  

What creates success is simple (not easy);

1.  Defining a challenging goal
2.  Taking the actions to attain it
3.  Rewarding yourself for taking the actions

It is imperative that the attaining of the goal is not the reward.  There will always be a better tennis player than me and if I hang my happiness on winning matches, tournaments and awards, I will spend my life feeling disappointed.  However if I reward myself for practicing, keeping my body healthy and fit to play, then I will always be happy.  The winning will just be an extra bonus!

If fear wasn't a driver, what goal would you chase?  What tenacious actions would you have to take?  What generous gifts would you give yourself for being disciplined?

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