Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Generosity to Improve Mental Attitude

Every morning when I get up I brush my teeth and look in the mirror.  I often have inspirational statements that I have written on there but in addition to reading them I also look at my face in the mirror. 

This is what I see:

In that moment - I get to choose how I feel about my looks.  It is not definitive it is completely subjective.  I set the context of my interpretations of my face and my mind follows those.

A negative context may sound like, "Oh!  Look at those lines around my eyes and my lips!  I have sun spots!  My teeth are yellow!  I look old and tired!"  And then I will study my face to gather evidence to prove myself right.  I will use these negative filters to translate my experience into a depressing nature and what an awful way to start the day!

What, instead, I choose to do is to focus on the positive attributes of my face.  "Oh look at my pretty big brown eyes!  My soft skin!  My vibrant smile!  My beautiful dark hair!  I am so lucky to be alive and be able to see this morning!"  These affirmations set the stage for the rest of the day.  I stand a little taller and laugh a little deeper.

Being happy and joyful is a practice - not an accident.  You have 100% power and responsibility for your daily life and pleasure.

You are the director of your own life experience.  If you want a positive, exciting and fun life, and you can't figure out how to do it, contact me for more information on my coaching practice.

Together we design your life and once those intentions are set, with my guidance, you stay accountable for the actions to take and the kindness and softness to receive to keep you enjoying the journey with a feeling of surrender and not attachment to the results.

Today, try to look at the good that exists around you.  

Smell a beautiful flower.  

Devour a sweet CHOCbite.  

Revel at the warmth and beauty of the sun.  

Touch a soft fabric.  

Listen to a song that lifts your mood.

Because if you are breathing - then you are already very lucky!

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