Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Think before you speak!

I am sure that you have heard this old adage, "Think BEFORE you SPEAK!"  Great advice right?  Wait!  But think WHAT?

Just think and then speak?  Well no.

Before you part your lips, remember this, you can never take back what you say.  You say it, and it's out, like chocolate sprinkles poured out from a tub onto the counter, no amount of hard work could undo all of the spill.

So, before you speak, perhaps consider:

  • Is what you are saying to hurt another?
  • Are you gossiping?
  • Will your words add value or be a contribution?
  • Are you talking to manipulate a situation?
  • Are you just trying to prove that you are right?
  • Will your sentence improve upon the silence?
  • Are you sure that you want to say that?
  • Do you really mean it?
  • If it was printed on the first page of the newspaper as a quote would you stand behind it?  Be proud of it?
Remember, that what you say not only affects the people around you, but when you are home at night, just before you sleep, you will know if you were sweet today!!!!

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