Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's your life: OWN it!

It's my life, it's my journey, it's my decision - why not choose happy?  

I have been outsourcing my state of being to other "experts" for years. Coaching programs for personal development, skinny friends on health, married friends on relationships, yogis on spiritual health and of course Google for everything else.  Basically, anything to avoid taking personal responsibility for my happiness!

You see, when I am reading someone else's book, or asking my friends for advice, it can augment my decision making process, but the final truth resides inside of me.  Looking outside for others to save me is just a temporary and unsuitable fix.  It is a form of avoidance that can be extremely dangerous to feeling good.  After all, who knows me better than I do?

And there is another issue with not being in touch with or trusting my own intuition, wisdom and knowledge, that is, losing confidence and pride in my own abilities!  This is the worse part of it.  Feeling powerless in my own life is destructive and depressing!  Feeling like I need someone else to solve my problems is a terrible feeling.  

I tend to lean to others for decisions when I am in fear.  And if I am feeling scared, then I am clearly attached to the outcome of my decisions, instead of being steadfast in enjoying the journey of life.  Fear is a clue that I am out of alignment with being present and committed.  If I am feeling a sense of weakness in my decisions, then I need to get centered and notice why!

I love this mantra, "I am willing and capable of caring for myself spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially!"

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