Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Generosity in the Community

My team of lovely volunteers and I just got through with handing out thousands of CHOCbites to the homeless of downtown L.A. In my 2nd annual SWEET day L.A. Event

It was a very rewarding indeed.  Connecting with the fellow members of our community in a sweet way!

But being a contribution to you community doesn't have to be a big charitable commitment.  In fact the small daily activities are much more impact full when combined! 

Slow down and allow a car to squeeze in front of you.  This simple act of generosity can make someone's day!  Write a note of thanks on the waiters receipt.  Compliment a stranger on their clothing choices.  Put a quarter in an expired meter as you walk by.  

There are millions of ways to be a delicious contribution to your community that don't involve hours of dedication.  Just make a daily effort to be unconditionally kind.  For no reason at all.  Other than the fact that they are a piece of you too.

Spreading sweetness all day will also make you feel good too!!!

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