Friday, June 6, 2014

Who crowned me?

Why is this blog called Queen Adeline?  Am I just pompous?  Or feel above my fellow human?

No.  On September 15th, 2013 I turned 40 years old, and on that day I crowned myself Queen Adeline and bought this beautiful ring for myself.

I realized for the first time in my life, that I am whole and complete!  I didn't need another person to "complete me".  I was not half of a circle looking for my other half.  Nor was I Yin looking for Yang! 

I am both Masculine and Feminine.

In that moment I had an awakened moment.  I accepted all that had happened and surrendered to what was coming.  I was able to be present and curious.  I was accepting and allowing. 

My birthday party was incredible!  130+ friends on the rooftop if Beverly Hills with perfect weather and my favorite live singer Laila at the mic.  But much much deeper than the pretty dresses and honoring evening - I made the determination that not only am I completely responsible for myself, but I am also 100% capable of handling my life.

That fear was not real.  That regret was destructive.  That there was no controlling or predicting life.  That all that happened was always perfect.

So I crowned myself - because this life and my experience of it is my domain, my kingdom.  Only I rule how I feel.

So there a new connection was formed between the physical and human Adeline (ego) and the formless soul - Queen Adeline (egoless).  And I love them both deeply.  But the Queen rules this kingdom.

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