Thursday, June 19, 2014

Now is the Time to Re-commit to Giving!

Give First.  Give Second.  Give Again.

Open your heart and arms to be generous.  Giving feels good.  Showing love and kindness will also improve your happiness too.

I know - we have all been hurt by someone that we gave to.  It may have made us contract a little, but it's time to expand again!  By being stingy ultimately we are hurting only ourselves.

It's time to forgive those people for taking advantage of you.  They did the best that they could in that moment.  It's time to remember how wonderful it feels to allow giving actions, words and thoughts to flow through us.  It's time to return to your state of connection to all people on earth. 

Whatever it takes - do it now.  We have the power to step outside our comfort zone and be extraordinarily sweet to those around us.

Love deeply.  Smile wildly.  Give freely. 

Thank you for staying open and generous with your love!

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