Friday, May 15, 2015

Acts and thoughts of compassion and kindness = BLiSS

Being generous and loving is a choice we get to make at any moment.  Whether it's with ourselves or with others - being forgiving and sweet can be the difference between living a bitter or blissful existence.  

And the beauty is that we get to re-choose over and over again.  It really doesn't matter what I did a decade ago.  Or a year ago.  Or yesterday.  There is a place for making amends but IN THIS MOMENT we can decide to be kind to ourselves and others.  

The more we practice open, loving, and heart felt sweetness, the happier we become and the nicer we are.  It is a cycle of goodness and a path we should all pay attention to stay on.  It is contagious too!!!  You will notice that the more love you give, the more your community around you gets uplifted, happy and loving!

We are responsible for listening and trusting our intuition and having deep compassion for any "mistakes" that may have occurred.  Life is about growth and learning which requires overcoming challenges and noticing reactions to them.  This is how we know that we may choose differently next time. There is no place for regret, resentment or anger, for each "bad" event was actually a GIFT.  That's right - you get to choose how you interpret what happened, and I choose to look at what the positive outcome was.  

As an example, I play tennis, and although I don't like losing matches, I use that losing game as an example of how to win the next time!

(My partner Lisa and I winning a tournament)

Also - filling your life with positive thoughts and actions can be a useful way to push out the negative ones.  

Here are a few of my daily BLiSS thoughts:

I am happy
I am loved
I am kind
I am generous
I am tenacious
I am loving
I am lucky
I am connected
I am safe
I am successful 
I am healthy

Here are a few of my BLiSS actions:

Be with people who inspire you to be happy and kind.  
Give back to the world with your genius. 
Have daily quiet time to listen to your thoughts and appreciate your breath.  
Do something you love every day.  
Enjoy every bite of food that you take. 
Take time to smell a flower and to touch a soft fabric.  
Smile broadly at a stranger.  
Listen to a song that you love.  
Read a book.  Take a walk and enjoy nature.  
Visit an elderly person.  
Pet an animal.  
Kiss a child.  
Call an old friend.  
Buy a gift for an acquaintance.
Send a handwritten letter.  
Hold hands with a loved one.
Buy yourself a treat from your childhood. 
Use your best dishes.  
Cook dinner for friends.  
Sit by the ocean and listen.  
Have a massage.
Design a piece of jewelry.
Eat a bite of chocolate.

The point is - will you CHOOSE BLiSS today?