Monday, January 19, 2015

Just add some BLISS

Why not turn the mundane into an exciting and fun experience?

Take brushing your teeth for example.  We ought to do it 2+ times a day so let's make it FUN!!!

- Use a cool electric toothbrush!
- Play music while doing it!
- Use delicious toothpaste!
- Wink at yourself in the mirror!
- Dance around!

Choose to be BLISS every moment!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daily Meditation

I attempt to have a consistence practice of daily meditation for twenty minutes or more.  This short time allows me to find my breath and tame my mind - I even have moments of complete stillness which are incredible.

Sometimes I am in complete silence, and others I have a guided meditation session.  One of my favourites for the guided one is Depak Chopra who has been in amazing inspiration in my life to look for happiness.  He uses meditations with the ancient language of Sanskrit which looks and sounds beautiful.

One of his teachings is:

Saat - Chit - Ananda

Existence - Consciousness - Bliss

Here is what I derived from this:

Existence/Saat - we are living, just surviving, from our first breath or perhaps even from fertilisation, we are here, on Earth, in a body.

Consciousness/Chit - for me this means being completely soul centred and having a mastery over the mind.  Having awareness of thoughts, noticing but allowing them to pass.  Being connected to the deeper ONE.

BLISS/ANANDA - aka nirvana, ecstasy, paradise, blessedness or heaven.  This is a state of complete being and joy.  Where you move with the universe in a synchronistic way.  Where love and peace flow through you freely at all times.

I have created my BLISS/ANANDA pieces to have a daily reminder in front of my eyes of completeness and wholeness.  Namaste!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Practice

This year I am not going to state annual goals.  I am setting a "context" for the year - a filter to live my life through.  A set of suggestions to lean into as a daily practice.


1.  I will take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for my journey and happiness.
(I will not look to others' journey and compare or be needy with my loved ones)

2.  I will move WITH the flow of life.
(I will not fight "what is" or be attached to my desired outcomes)

3.  I will be SWEET and COMPASSIONATE to myself and others.
(I will immediately forgive for transgressions and imperfections)

4.  I will be quiet unless I can IMPROVE upon the silence.
(I will not pick on people, judge their choices or gossip negatively)

5.  I will allow LOVE in all forms.
(I will not control the way people show their affection towards me)

6.  I will look for the GIFT in all situations.
(I will not be angry or disappointed by events)

7.  I will GIVE GENEROUSLY of my time, love, knowledge, wisdom and creative talents.
(I will not keep my journey to myself)

As I share my experiences authentically and vulnerably - i connect deeply to the earth and all living creatures on it.  That is my goal in my life - to BE ONE with ALL.

Don't happy!

We have a finite ability for a context for our viewpoint.  We can't see many things at the same time.  So with this knowledge and with the realisation that I can direct my vision and input, I know that if I am feeling down it is because I have focused my lens on the unfortunate versus the fortunate.

Life will happen.  "Bad" stuff comes our way - and I am not suggesting to avoid it - just to recover quickly by refocusing on the beautiful.  The only time focus needs to be on the negative is when actionable change is necessary.

An example would be, "I am overweight so I need to focus on eating healthier for my body."  Or "I have a cold so I need to take Vitamin C."  Or, "I need to get out of this toxic relationship."

But in general, we need to keep our attention on the wonderful! Because whatever you focus on expands!

As an example, when you awaken in the morning, you can choose to focus on your aches and pains, or the deep beautiful breath that you are able to take.  Feeling grateful for breath is an easily accessible happy moment that anyone of us can take at any moment - wherever we are! Most of us don't even appreciate our breath even though it is the biggest gift that we have: Being alive.  

Pleasure does take place in the thinking or brain part of the body.  It is in the body through the senses.  Even when you have a pleasing thought, it is the body sensation that brings that thought to remembered physical memory.

So if you want to feel happy and turned on to life, the first step is with quieting your mind or directing it to positive thinking so that you can divert the attention of your senses.  To me, being able to be completely present in the moment, that is where spirituality lies.  So, being in your body instead of in the past or future which would be in your mind is the way to pure BLISS.

Here is a quick and easy exercise to be present.  If you are feeling fearful, resentful, envious, anger or any other negative feeling, pick one of your five senses and do something of pleasure for it.






As I think of the religious schools I went to, I realise that many of the traditions where to help you get present.  Beautiful stained glass windows.  Songs.  The bread and the wine.  Holding hands.  Burning of incense.  It doesn't surprise me that these ancient traditions were put into place to help us.  However in this ever busier world, with text, e-mail and appointments to distract us from being in the moment, it is most important to consciously bring ourselves back to our body!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Accepting Love....As It Comes

I have many close and wonderful friends now.  But I remember a time when that wasn't the case.  Years ago I did not trust people.  Because they did not behave the way I do, I thought that there may be something wrong with them.  In my mind, my own behaviour, thoughts and words were the only way.  They were 100% correct and no one could have convinced me otherwise.  It was a very lonely time for me.

Over the last decade I have begun to allow love to flow to me the way that it wants too.  Instead of trying to teach all my family and friends my "Love Language" and learn theirs, which was exhausting, I have noticed and accepted love as it comes.

Just in my inner circle of girl friends, I have many different forms of love:

- by feeding me with homemade food
- by buying thoughtful and expensive gifts
- by writing incredible letters to me
- by calling me nearly daily to make sure I am well
- by arranging outings with me
- by walking arm in arm 

And then there are the not so popular ways of loving:

- by warning me if in their mind I am making a terrible mistake in dating
- by telling me possible problems in my business
- by re-arranging my furniture for better karma
- by letting me know that I need to lose some weight
- by illuminating a "blind spot"
- by reminding me of past transgressions

But now, instead of getting irate that I am being told what to do (which triggers a "don't you think I am smart enough to know what I am doing" response in me) - I actually listen with an OPEN HEART and notice how much courage and care it took for someone to voice their opinion and concern even though it may fall on deft ears or worse still that they could be punished for their "judgement".

It's 2015 and I don't want to chastise anyone for however they choose to love me.  We are all doing the BEST that we can, in our own way.