Thursday, May 12, 2016

LOVE over hate. Please!

How would you like it if somebody called you a racist? Or prejudice? Or sexist? Do you think that you are any of those things?

Well to me - if you are bashing someone else for their views - then maybe it's YOU that needs checking?

The most important thing to have a BLiSSful life is to have HARMONY with what is.  Peace and love are available to ALL of us if we UNITE.

Think U.U. What is best for the Universal Upliftment of all people and environment today?

I don't have to have the same view as you in order to love you.

It is VERY DIVISIVE to bash people for their religious beliefs, political views, eating choices etc.  If you believe that you have a better way to live - and someone ASKS you for help - yes - share it - but don't PUT OTHER PEOPLE DOWN for their views.

There is so much hate out there - we don't need to perpetuate it.

Consider that YOU may be wrong about your views.  Or better still you may be 100% RIGHT however it's not the time for that person to realize the truth yet. 

When you are mean about other people's ethics and choices you are harboring bad energy for yourself, your friends, your community and you are reflecting on your family, culture and society.

If you want to communicate - be peaceful and positive - it will be much more influential- and keep the stress out of your life too.

Don't get mad - get compassion and understanding.  Instead of "being right" how about being kind?

(Obviously this doesn't apply to illegal activity which should be reported immediately).

Give up the HATE.  Be L❤️VE.

Or not.  It's up to you.

Pictured here is my contribution to the environment.  I reclaim shower doors, smash them, and then tack fuse them to make works of art.  See my process here.