Monday, February 8, 2016

News or Gossip?

Yesterday at a Super Bowl party - a woman shared a rumor that she heard about me.  It was very distressing for me to hear it.  And it was completely untrue.

I felt a little blue today - pondering the reason behind the gossip - and also why this person decided to share it with me?  What were her motivations?

And then I looked back at other interactions that I've had with her.  And I determined that her words and actions have leaned towards jealousy and negativity around me.  That explains why she would say something so hurtful to me.  

But she's not a liar - so where did this information stem from?

I then looked at the source of that.  The people that were involved are middle aged drinkers.  Bar peeps.  They get obliterated at least once a week.  And all sorts of odd things happen after they are over served by the eager bartender. So it was meaningless.  It held no weight.  There was nothing more to do there.

And finally I looked at myself.  Where do I gossip versus just being informing of news?  The distinction is when I open my mouth to share information - is it to help - or to hurt?  Am I putting someone else down in an attempt to elevate myself?  If so - then how about looking AT THAT instead of hurting others?  

And so with this new insight - it's time to make some amends.  To own up to the victims of my meanness - apologize - and then forgive myself and move on.

And finally stop gossiping.  It's hurtful.  It hurts my Sisters and Brothers.  And it hurts me too.  Because we are all ONE.

At the end of the day when I rest my head to sleep I want to be clear of conscious with peace of mind.

Time to open my heart and LOVE more.