Monday, November 9, 2015

Toxic People?

I have been spending time and energy with people who cause pain in my life.  They are not necessarily "bad" and definitely not malicious...but still....I get de-energized around them.

I didn't know what to do about this.  Some were friends and others close family members.

Not too long ago - I sat and meditated around this issue.  "Should we spend time with people that are toxic to us?"

My first instinct was to analyze the "Why?"  What were they doing that aggravated me so much?  Was there a lesson to learn?  Was there something that I needed healing in?  Why was I interpreting their actions or words and painful?  And I continued spending time with them and inquiring.

But that wasn't my BLiSS.

So I tried a different route.  This time I just kindly and softly removed them from my life.  I asked for some space - let them know that they are loved - but I don't have time to spend with them currently.

Almost immediately....a series of AMAZING, SWEET and LOVING friends and family members returned into my life.  And I met a new friend who is like a Sister that I never had!

This is BLiSS for me.  Being surrounded by wonderful men and women.

I am truly grateful!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

BLiSS is a choice!!!

There is no journey to happiness.  It is not a pursuit.  There is nothing to get or nowhere to go to find it.  If you want to truly have BLiSS in this moment...........all you have to do is move into a deep state of gratitude for what is.  In a pure state of joy, there is no room for wanting to change or fight with what is.  There is a calm acceptance and appreciation instead.

Don't wait for it - own it - you have it inside of you RIGHT NOW!!!