Sunday, January 26, 2014

Health : Generosity

One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your health are getting very grateful for your food.  Here are some tools:

- Say a gratitude mantra before eating anything, I use one that my friend Amelia taught me: "Thank you for this food.  May it spiritually, emotionally and physically nourish me so that I may best be in service to myself and those all around me."

- Use cloth napkins, pretty plates, fancy glasses and silverware.

- Really get present with the smells, texture and taste of the food.  Eat consciously.

- Make sure to eat foods that your body loves (your BODY not your taste buds).  Pay attention to the foods that make you feel better and the ones that deplete you.

- Don't rush eating, pay attention to eat bite and enjoy the experience.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Replenish Your Energy So You Don't Quit (too early)!

My observation of my life and others has been that if people are consistently disciplined and tenacious, they succeed. The trouble is, we quit too soon.

Here are some areas that we don't give results a chance:

- Healthy Eating
- Exercise 
- Prospecting
- Meditation
- Personal Growth Programs (like T + G = S)

Consider that it takes time to win.  And I believe that it is longer than the 3 weeks that has historically been quoted.

Get deep and see what your committed to.  The WHY of the doing.  Connect to what it will FEEL like should you achieve your goals.  And make sure to be generous for your regular action.

If you want it really badly, set yourself up to win.  Make sure that you are applying the Tenacity and keeping control of your commitment through self Generosity so that you achieve success!