Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mental Attitude : Generosity

What is the purpose of waking up and writing 3 or 4 "context" words?  (For the T + G = S program)

- you get to pick who you are going to be today

- you have power over the direction of your whole existence

- you choose the filter in which your day flows

It's truly remarkable.  Since I have been filling our my daily worksheets - I have noticed that life has shifted into my consciously chosen INTENTION! 

It has been customary to set annual intentions at the new year - but those are macro intentions.  It's great to choose a "theme" for your year, however, how about your DAILY perspective?

I am off to play a tennis tournament today (wish me luck) and here are MY daily context words:

1. Fun

2. Win

3. Healthy

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Personal Development - Tenacity

Why use my Tenacity + Generosity = Success formula? 

- It keeps you present to the actions and thought that needs to happen for your personal happiness

- Your life doesn't go off track

- It keeps your grateful for what you already have

- You get present to your daily contribution

- Your time is focused on things that fuel your peace

- It focuses you on your own life design

- The completed worksheets show up patterns for shifting

-  It build self confidence and self esteem

- You get in touch with your higher self and out of the chatter mind

- You get to choose all of your successes and make them happen!

My T + G = S program is not about destination - it is about earnestly enjoying the journey of life.  It will help you grow into a deep self love and conscious state.



This program is an Ego killer!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Community - Generosity

Many people gift their clients to say thank you.  Unfortunately, many of these gifts are bought in haste, with no thought to being impact-full or worse, they become vehicles for self promotion versus an act of generosity!

If you are buying a gift for your valued customers, keep these things in mind:

  • Buy locally.  Their business is a local one, and they will appreciate you supporting a local business instead of buying a gift basket from Costco with Chinese made items in it.  
  • Buy a gift that stands out.  Make sure that it is memorable.  Your clients are receiving gifts from many sources, make yours special.  It's okay if the gift is more fun and not so serious.
  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT put YOUR logo on the gift.  This is what transitions the gift to a marketing piece.
  • Make sure that there is a HAND written card with the gift (not printed). Printed cards are not personal enough.
  • If at all possible, either buy a holiday gift that gives all year long (like the +CHOCbite of the month program) or DO NOT buy at the holidays at all.  An "August 14th gift" just because will be much more of the exceeding expectations than the obligatory Christmas gift.  Also, who needs more gifts at the holidays?????  Consider an anniversary of working with you date or just pick a random I love my customer date!
  • Make sure to buy quality.  Nothing worse than a cheap product!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Career : Tenacity

Being successful at work takes a huge amount of tenacity.  Take a man that I admire greatly +Gary Vaynerchuk.  At a recent book signing for his new book "Jab Jab Jab Right Hook" (a book that I highly recommend if you want to sell anything to anyone - ever), he said the following quote:

"You know why I knew this new app better than my employees?  As soon as they released it, I spent every night from 11pm-3am for three weeks using it!"

I was floored.  You want to have success in your career?  Time to employee enormous commitment to make it happen.

Here we are:

As a side note - he embodies my formula for success: Tenacity + Generosity better than anyone else that I know.  I believe that his is one of the finest humans alive today.

If you own a business, you need to read his book.  Or hire him.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Health + Fittness : Success

Do you subscribe to the notion that being "beautiful" is important?  Consider this:

Instead of being Beauty(full) how about Beauty(feel)?

To me, being healthy and fit is about how I "feel" in my body, not how I look.  I am learning to pay attention to which foods nourish and energize me.  How much and which activities stretch and strengthen me.

As of this writing, in 2013, I am 40 years old.  A friend of mine said, "Adeline, have you thought about having some Botox for your laugh lines?" 

I have NO interest in covering up the scars of my happiness!  These lines around my face are EARNED and I am keeping them.  I hope they deepen, along with the laugh lines on my forehead and around my eyes too!  Along with the wrinkles come sparkly eyes from a deep sense of happiness.

And where would it end?  When do you stop focusing on the "negative" parts of your body and try to change it?  Would I Botox my arms, hands and legs too?

I prefer my focus to be on my soulful laugh and spritely walk!

What foods and exercise beauty(feel) you???

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Physical Surroundings : Tenacity

It seems like an obvious thing that having a tidy and clean house would be a contribution to success wouldn't it?  I have seen an extreme correlation between effectiveness at work and cleanliness at home.

Making sure that your living quarters are serene is a requirement for happiness.  Here are some ideas:

- Always make your bed, no matter what
- Fix anything that is broken (yes that includes changing light bulbs)
- If you hate cleaning, hire help
- Read the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen for organizational ideas
- Make sure the scent of your home is to your liking
- Schedule time for upkeep (literally put it on your calendar)
- Play some wonderful music
- Have a living plant
- Serve your food on pretty dishes, every day!

A peaceful and hygienic house is an element of a happy life!

What do you do to keep your physical surroundings serene?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Relationships : Generosity

It can be tough to watch a person that we love go through any type of hardship.  But, what I have noticed is that it is in the face of overcoming a great challenge that we grow self respect and self love.  Knowing this, how could you deny your loved one of such an experience?

Next time you "know better" or can "do it faster" or "more accurately", consider:

- Allowing their own unique process

- Not interrupting their lessons, their way

- Permitting their personal growth by overcoming adversity with their own strategy

- Allowing kinesthetic learning by fixing with their own hands

- Watching instead of pushing (which may have us learn a new way!)
It can be difficult at first, definitely, but very quickly the results will prove themselves.  Be generous with your loved ones and let them fall and learn to get up for themselves.  After all - you will not always be there to save them!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Mental Attitude : Generosity

I live in Los Angeles and people are often late to appointments in this town.  As "Queen Adeline" this used to upset me!  "Why are people so rude?  Do they think that their time is more valuable than mine?"  This attitude is not only detrimental to my mental health, but it's is also destructive to those around me. 

There is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS a positive way to look at things.  My appointment just called and asked if it was okay to be 15 minutes late.  I said no problem.  I didn't judge him.  I am not going to punish him.  I took this "gift" and wrote this blog.

If instead of getting mad when things don't turn out like you want them to, how about:

-  Pausing

-  Taking a DEEP breath (or 7)

-  Being generous to your own psyche by finding the GIFT in the moment

Having a positive mental attitude takes consistency over time.  And there will be times when you may get frustrated or angry.  Don't judge yourself, instead considering shortening the negative thoughts.  If it normally takes you a day to get over a disappointment, how about trying to let yourself be upset for only an hour and do the above steps?

I have a little running list on my iPhone right now that is entitled, "What's the gift".  It has been an amazing tool to re-focus me on happiness!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Community Contribution : Generosity

Are you feeling a little down?  At work?  Stressed out?  Are you juggling 5 things at once?

I have an awesome idea for you.  Get up off of your chair.  Go for a walk around your block outside.  And here is the most important part:

Smile broadly and say "Hello" to every stranger that you pass.

This small act of generosity is hugely impactful.  On your community and you too!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Physical Surroundings: Generosity

My home is very modern - and I love it that way.  I hand made a large dining table to fit 10 guest comfortably for dinner.  It looks like stone but it is warmer and prettier as it is painted and then epoxied wood.

I used to buy flowers for my table, but they would die so quickly.  Yesterday I bought this:

It is a Cactus.  I like to have a living plant in my space, it adds a little life to my artistic room.

What do you do to spruce your physical surroundings up?

Health : Tenacity

The way to stay at your healthy weight is to apply some tenacity around your individual calorific needs.  I have tried many different eating habits (no gluten, vegan, low carb, vegetarian, no "white" stuff) and non work better than simply eating less calories than your body needs to lose weight!

Here is the formula:

1.  Figure out what you are supposed to be consuming every day.  I love this site

2.  Measure and log all of your intake daily.  I use this app on my iPhone

3.  Make sure to REWARD yourself for your daily tenacity (to give your own generosity and therefore not be attached to the scale for results).

And remember to have a SWEET day everyday!

Spirituality : Generosity

In order to replenish energy in the realm for your spirit, consider consistently doing a "spiritual cleanse".  We have heard of cleansing your body for health through nutrition, fasting or even colonic treatments, but how about an internal energy clearing?

Do you remember the scene in the great movie, "The Green Mile", when seemingly toxic energy is sucked out by the giant prisoner?

It is important to release negative energy.  There are many ways that this can be done:

- Talk Therapy
- Hypnotherapy
- Energy Healing Work
- Body Work Massages
- Journaling

Whatever works best for you, having this clearing consistently (and especially after traumatic events like death, divorce or any other loss) will help you stay self loving and therefore continue to love others.

In what ways can you be generous to your aura?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tenacity + Generosity = Success

Why does :  T + G = S?  Here is why this formula works.

Firstly: we all have goals.  What we consider to be a successful life?  Whether is is losing 15lbs.  Having a loving relationship.  Buying a Porsche.  But in order to create happiness we have to move towards our goals.  Progress feels good.

Tenacity: it takes consistent disciplined action to attain any goal.  Incremental and regular activity.  These tenacious behaviors can only be defined by ME by myself for myself.  Although we have access to boundless information on every subject online, we need to listen to our own wisdom and intelligence around what we need to vigorously do to attain our goals.

But here is the trap that many of us fall into:

Being attached to our actions create results.  If I am tenacious and I don't get immediate results (I am an inpatient woman) then I will stop doing the activities to create my success.  It is a vicious and unproductive cycle.

Instead, I need to create a reward system, that is under my control, to make sure that I always win if I take the tenacious action.

Generosity: giving back to yourself for doing what you said you would do to reach your goals regardless of the results of your actions.  It's an "if I eat within my calories of 1450 today and do 30 minutes of exercise - then I will treat myself to a little CHOCbite as a gift".  Then the weighing in won't be as important.

Success: and believe me when I say that if you take the tenacious actions and consistently rewards yourself for the good behaviors, you will always have success.  It is the journey after all that defines the pleasure!

What actions do you need to take to attain a goal of yours?  How can you reward yourself for taking them?

Fun : Generosity

Yes, having fun too needs planning.  If your hobby time is not carved out, it may never happen.  It is super important to make sure that you do the things that you love to do consistently.

I love to watch live plays.  Last weekend I had the privilege of attending "Parfumerie" at the +Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.  It was a real treat. 

The acting, center, script and set were amazing.

What do you love to do?