Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Make the most of it.

I love playing tennis.  

In order to improve my game, once in a while I take lessons.  Sometimes they are private lessons and sometimes they are group.

Not too long ago, my girlfriend and I took a lesson with to other ladies.  Our coach had us doing various drills against each other to practice doubles strategy.  It was a very hot day.  

After emptying a big basket of balls - it was time to pick up.  However the other ladies just went in the shade, took a sip of their water and chatted instead of helping.

My first and instant reaction was, "Hey, what's going on here?  I am not your servant!  Pull your weight too!!"  (Thank goodness this all happened in my head and not out loud).  But very quickly I took a different turn in my thinking.  Here is where I went, "I am not that hot, I am healthy and strong and I would be HAPPY to pick all these balls up!  And I will use this time to stretch my legs out too while picking them up while my muscles are warm!"  

Suddenly this SHIFT IN THOUGHT had me ecstatically retrieving the fuzzy yellows.

Being the master of your mind is imperative to achieve deep and lasting happiness.  So choose sweet!

A Conversation With My Deeper Self

Last night, I was lying in bed, just slowing my thoughts down to go to sleep and I felt a "presence" there.  like I wasn't alone, life a kind energy was with me.

I said "Hello?".  She responded "Hello darling!" back.  I paused.  Who was I talking to?  

And then I asked her a series of questions. 

"How are you?  Fabulous."

"What are you up to?  I am just here, always."

"Do you sleep when I sleep?  No, I am very energetic and don't need to recharge."

"Do you get scared?  No!  I am pure light and in that can be no darkness (fear)"

"Or angry!  No!  I am at peace!"

"So you are not happy either?  I am BLISSFUL!"

"What does that word mean to you?  Bliss means above happiness with a complete sense of loving peace."

"I want to be that way too!  You can - you have access to it through me.  Just get out of your head - it doesn't exist there."

"Do you see my dreams?  No - they are in your head."

"How do I get closer to you?" 

- Be sweet no matter what
- Love yourself (all parts of you)
- Contribute to your friends, family and community
- Share you individual genius as generously as possible
- Have loads of contemplative quiet time
- Get back in touch with lost friends and family
- Fuel your body with clean water and whole foods
- Be peaceful with the world
- Have some rigorous physical activity daily
- Stay open minded and hearted always
- Complete with anyone that you have harmed or that you feel has harmed you
- Have goals but release attachments to attaining them
- Finish projects
- Get comfortable with the unknown, you are out of control anyway
- Keep am organized and clean home
- Be in awe of nature
- Be extremely compassionate with yourself and others too
- Find the gift in all situations, there always is one
- Be powerfully gentle

"You are an incredible Woman Adeline.  I have been here with you since you were inside your Mummy's tummy.  I have seen all that you have been through and who you are from the inside out."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why Can't We Just Be Happy Together?

Have you noticed that many times we pick a partner to date who is the complete opposite of us in many ways?  And how at the beginning we find those differences attractive and exciting but shortly after we start picking on them for those very things?

For instance a person that is super fun, spontaneous and playful may not be quite as serious, organized and reliable.

Is the point of relationship to heal and love those very areas that we may try to change in our partner?

With my current knowledge I have figured out that happiness is a choice and so it bratty-ness.  That in each moment I can choose to be compassionate and loving or complain and hateful. 

It's always better to choose LOVE!

So with my end goal of having a blissful life in my mind - I must always choose the reaction that supports living in an ecstatic and vibrant  relationship!

Not easy of course - but super simple.  So I am taking one small step at a time to correct my automatic behaviors.

1.  When I get "triggered" I will politely step away from the situation.

2.  I will observe my translations of what happened.

3.  I will ask myself is this really true for now or am I bringing a past wounding or future fear to this moment?

4.  I will breath deeply with negativity being exhaled and "bliss" being inhaled.

5.  I will re-choose LOVE instead.

6.  I will have great compassion for my own journey too!

What can you choose to let go of today?