Thursday, August 11, 2016

Envy and jealousy.

It's important to pay attention to the thoughts and pictures that are flowing through our heads that are causing pain or inaction.  It can be easy to get negative, blame others or use excuses to avoid living a vibrant and exciting life.

My main job in life is to ensure my happiness - so that in turn I can be a contribution to my family, friends and community.  After all - I can only be the best person if I am brimming with self love, compassion for myself and others and have a sense that everything is well for myself and others too.  There is a huge element of trust that needs to be embodied.  And finally gratitude.

When emotions of fear, regret, anger, sadness, envy, disappointment, shame, jealousy or unjustness enfold my being - I become useless and de-energized. 

Luckily- I have learned to use my FEELINGS as a compass to direct my thoughts which in turn translate into actions which create my experiences in life.  In any part of that cycle - feelings, thoughts or actions - I get to interrupt and redirect to be more joyous.

Look at what happens with these monkeys:

Let's rise above looking to others for our BLiSS and TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for our own existence.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Are you ready to choose BLiSS?

My primary life's mission:  to live a life of BLiSS!!!

To remain elated, turned on, excited, enthusiastic, harmonious, calm, confident, hopeful, joyful, fun, safe, authentic, loving, generous, kind, healthy, creative, playful, eager, funny and very very grateful.

And my thoughts, actions and words are the practice of staying in these feelings.  In this desire to have a happy life and be a happy person - I choose to spend time with those on this path too.  

I wear my beautiful hand jewel to remember my commitment all day long.  In the shower, at home and when I am out, I see the Sanskrit word "Ananda" meaning BLiSS and I smile - knowing the because this is the path that I have chosen - this is the life that unfolds for me.

It is effortless.  I seem to be getting "lucky" to other people.  But NO - it's my energy that is attracting like energy.  There is endless love and abundance available to all of us.  We are ALL this POWERFUL.

This is my ONE life - I am going to fully enjoy it.  And I am doing it MY way.

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