Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Push yourself for the better!!!

I remember the first time I ever played tennis.  I was 195 lbs and very unhappily married.  As a way to lose weight at the age of 35 I took up tennis.

Every night after playing I would cry as I bathed.  It was frustrating that I could not hit the ball in court.  That I was so heavy that I had trouble running.  That I got out of breath in points.  That I consistently lists. That I had aches and pains all over.

But I am so glad that I pushed through.  Tennis gave me:

- my BEST friends
- my new healthy body 143 lbs
- stamina
- a reason to quit smoking
- a fun hobby
- the gift of presence 
- my new amazing husband (and his incredible loving family)
- enough fun to write an inspirational tennis booked called "I ❤️ MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!" 

Yes - I could have stayed fat, unhealthy and miserable - it would have been easier to continue watching 6 hours of TV a night with my ex husband and eating crisps.  But I am SO GLAD that I stepped outside of my box and made this great effort - because I WAS WORTH IT!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Want to fall asleep easier?

I saw this illustration on Facebook today and I remembered that I used to have a problem falling asleep!!!  My mind would go crazy thinking about the past or the future.  Just as I got to bed it would begin, the fear or stories, and then I would get upset at it and fight it, which in turn worsened it.

Actually, my whole day used to be ruined by my very loud internal chatter.  Everyone I met was either a friend or an enemy- and I felt a hurried need to decide which they were.  Every experience was analysed to determine if it was good and bad.  It was exhausting. Right or wrong.  Black or white.

The beginning of my mind taming was meditation.  Having daily quiet time where I could hear my thoughts clearly was the first step.  Then I began journalling free form.  And finally I used this information to discern my commitment to BLiSS and I learned to redirect my thoughts to ones that served my happiness!!! 

As my thoughts improved so did my words and actions which led to increased self love and confidence which resulted in an inside out joy that I was looking for.

And as I increased this state - the bullies and unkind people and negative experiences seemed to float away from me.  It was replaced with kind, generous and unconditionally loving people and lucky and fun experiences.  This is not a coincidence- this is by my design.

You see - this is MY life and I own it fully!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

A time for Peace.

We often believe that our own opinions are the absolute truth. This is a problem. The issue with thinking that my thoughts and judgements are correct is that when someone has a differing view or behaves out of alignment with my personal rules of engagement - I get upset.  I throw up a disappointed eyebrow, or sigh heavily or even make a request for them to stop. But how is that working for me?

I am currently in Miami, lying by a deserted pool, except two other people.  A teenage boy and his little brother who is about 5 or 6 years old.  The young boy is running around, bombing into the pool and talking at the top of his lungs (in Spanish).  

This is where my mind started going:

- he's being so loud
- where are their parents?
- he's going to hurt himself
- English children aren't this loud
- it was so peaceful before he got here

And so beautiful time basking in the sun was being RUINED......BY ME!!!

You see - I have crowned myself Queen Adeline - the ruler of my own happiness.  And all of these thoughts were not in allignment with BLiSS.  And the good news is that I am the author, director and producer of my own thoughts - so I immediately redirected them.

- he is having such a good time!
- he is so handsome!
- he is safe!
- he's going to be an athlete!
- he has a cute voice!
- he is lucky that his big brother is playing with him!
- I am so grateful to be in Miami with my husband in a gorgeous hotel!
- I'm going to jump into the pool too!!!

You seconds with nearly no effort I now have a big smile on my face.

If you are feeling frustrated or aggravated - take just a moment to "change your mind" about your opinions that are not serving you.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 is here already!!!

It is now 2016 and I am setting my intentions for the year.  The reason I am not writing "resolutions" is because I feel that nothing is resolute (except my commitment to happiness).  So instead I will use the insights that I learn to stay in my BLiSS.

1.  Mastering the art of "letting go". Disappointments are the result of unmet expectations of people - which for me have resulted in pain.  This year I will focus on the good of my loved ones and practice releasing past hurts.  I will not take things personally.

2.  Using my judgements to better myself.  I will become curious about my own thoughts and convert them into powerful lessons to be a better person.  I will realize that me judging is the same thing that they are doing that is upsetting me and release negative thoughts knowing that all is well.

3.  Being healthy from the inside out.  I will be very in touch with my body's needs from the fuel I put in to the exercise that I do. 

4.  Being unconditionally giving.  I know that I am abundantly wealthy and so I will give freely of my love and knowledge when it is requested.

5.  Catering to my happiness.  I will spend my time with people who are elevating and and I will spend time consciously uplifting my friends too.  I will build the muscle of positive and loving thinking!

6.  A deep focus on gratitude.  I will continue my attitude of gratefulness when I redirect negative thoughts to realizations of my wonderful gifts!  This is a heart opening focus.

7.  A focus on what I want.  I will plan my actions and implement my strategies without attachment to continue my purposes.  I will be authentically fully self expressed!

This year will be a continuation of loving freely and connecting with the flow of life. In my daily life I will spread happiness to al of my environment. My journey is a practice of total BLiSS!