Saturday, March 26, 2016

Live your ultimate life - NOW!!!

At the end of last year my Doctor tested me for a terminal disease.  There was a chance I was going to die in one year if the results were positive (well positively negative ha).

In the three days that I had to wait for the results - I had some time to think.  What would I do differently if I only had one year to live?  What would I have regrets about?  It was an interesting exercise.

What I realized is that I am living my life EXACTLY like I would if I had one year left.  I put fresh fragrant flowers in my home.  I love fully and openly.  I am playful with my friends and husband.  I show my gratitude freely.  I am generous and kind.  I stay in frequent touch with my friends and family.  I apologize quickly.  I laugh loudly.  I am reliable, loyal and have integrity.  I authentically express my creativity through my art, jewels, chocolate and book "I ❤️ MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!".

I am literally living a BLISSFUL life.  BLiSS by Adeline that is!

So the results came in and I am fine (for now - we all die at some point), but I am so glad to know that I am not taking my breath for granted.  

I am honoring my existence by living passionately in every waking moment.

Take a moment to look at your life - are you happy with it?