Thursday, October 1, 2015

Loving ALL is Equal to BLiSS!

Being unconditionally loving is the key to total happiness. And unconditional means loving people no matter what their actions and words are!

Being aligned with the flow of life - like the Chakra colors - lead to pure white light - divinity!  

It starts here with me.  I first had to learn to love myself.  And I mean all of me. My good.  My "bad".  My "ugly". It took some time but I learned to forgive my past transgressions and to truly adore every part of myself. The transformation was noticeable in my confidence and happiness level.  I starting waking up being excited about life and grateful for the body that I get to live it in.  

The next step was unconditionally loving my friends.  No matter what they we up to or not up to.  This was harder for me to do and there were many bumps along the way.  I was judging their self destructive behavior and didn't want to be a part of that.  I had learned to love myself and didn't harm my body, wallet and psychological health with damaging actions anymore - and I didn't want to be around people who did! As time passed I did learn to allow my loved ones to be in there own process and learn their own lessons at their pace. If they asked me for help I was there but if they didn't I let them be and loved them anyway!

Next is the neutral person.  Perhaps a stranger or someone at work that you don't like or dislike - they have no baring on your life at all.  This one was easy for me - because I don't feel vulnerable to these people so loving them was natural!!

And now I am working on this one: the difficult person. The one that has or still is doing things that hurt me. Let me be clear - I don't need to spend time with them - but I do want to learn to love them anyway. I have been able to do it with most of them, but I am still working on more.

And my final test will be to LOVE ALL of the world. To have compassion and empathy for every single human being! To see everyone as completely connected and love them like I am able to live myself! A true and deep love for all they are, say and do! Knowing that all is well. That is pure BLiSS!!