Wednesday, March 29, 2017

BLiSS TiP: ❤️..........❤️

 Do you know that every moment that you spent today complaining you could have been CREATING?

Every moment you spend angry you could have spent BLISSFUL? Every time you tried to change someone's mind you could have spent LEARNING SOMETHING NEW? Every second spent disparaging a person, religion, belief or law could have been spend UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING? Every thought used to worry about how our environment or civil rights are doomed could have been APPRECIATING THE BEAUTY OF OUR WORLD. That every second spent feeling stress, worry and fear could have been spent GENEROUSLY SERVING YOUR COMMUNITY? That every concern about the future could have been spent ENJOYING YOUR PRESENT? That every time you tried to prove how right your opinion is could have been spent FEELING THE UNLIMITED FOUNTAIN OF INNER HAPPINESS?

Do you realize that ALIGNMENT AND JOY are available to you at all times?

I do. I am loved. And it's all going to be fine. Even if it's not how I imagined or wished it to be. Even if it's not the most comfortable result. It's still perfect. I will flow with it. And enjoy it.