Monday, August 17, 2015

When you have the right tools!!!

I used to watch cooking programs and emulate them in every way.  Except the chopping.  For some reason - even though I wanted to use my knives like a professional - I could never do it.  There rocking motion just didn't work for me!

Now - years later - I realize what the issue was.  I didn't have the "correct tools"!!!!  My knives where ineffective - so no matter how much I tired to use my wrist motion correctly - it would never work.

Life is the same.  I see my friends and family members in great emotional pain.  And I used to try to help them (unsolicited) - because I so clearly could see the answer to their problems.  Their "relief".  But as I imparted this uninvited knowledge - the reactions were perplexing.  Either they would say, "yeah I already know that", or they just didn't "get it".

Why would people stay in pain when they have been given the answer???  Because they are not ready for the lesson.  

Now - I stay out of people's business unless they specifically ask me (and therefore they are ready to crawl out of the well).  

After all - it's not about the finish line - it's all about the journey.

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