Thursday, February 16, 2017

BLiSS TiP ❤️

Over my adult life if I have spoken in the moments of being angry or triggered - I normally didn't say something constructive or sweet.

And I have also noticed that other people do the same thing.  If they are: 

  • jealous
  • scared
  • defensive 
  • sad
  • annoyed
  • righteous 
  • other other... 

They are not going to be considerate or thoughtful.

So instead of reacting - I am learning to realize that their mean words are not personal - it's what is going on for them!

As I practice being BLiSS in the face of turmoil - it helps me to know that I can be happy and sweet no matter how rude, wrong or unkind they are. At the end of the evening - I know who I was today - and my conscience is clear.

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