Sunday, October 19, 2014

Enjoy The Now!

It is wonderful to have goals, aspirations, wishes and dreams but not in the absence of acceptance and gratitude for what currently is!

Sometimes we can get so focused on furthering ourselves (in relationship, with our weight, in our career etc) that we can forget to enjoy today, the present.

For instance, you can want a raise and do the actions that it will take to attain that while at the same time having deep gratitude for your job.  It would be a mistake to treat people at work badly until you got paid more as in the end you will end up feeling terrible at work!

In many of the personal development courses that I have studied, they do tend to focus on what needs "fixing". Looking at what's missing all the time can be very depressing indeed.

Another more positive way to approach life is celebrating what's working!!! What's awesome?  What is exciting?  And the things that aren't working can also have a "gift" inside. How about looking at it from another angle?  Is there a context or perspective that could shift your view on this situation?

You can be happy right now.

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