Sunday, October 12, 2014

How much money do you have?

I don't measure my success anymore by how many dollars I have in the bank.

In my 20's, my happiness which was temporary was mostly derived from what kind of car I drove, what label clothes I was wearing, and how much money I got to splash around.  

In my 30's, it was still time of looking good I wanted my husband to be dressed uber nicely. I wanted to have a big fancy house with expensive furniture. 

Now I am in my 40's things have changed.

Last week I was having a conversation with a man and we were talking about how I've made millions of dollars in my life!  This person said, "oh but you have nothing to show for it!" (He was referring to the fact that I don't have millions of dollars in the bank).  I was perplexed by his comments because on the contrary I have so much to show for it!!! The fabric of my life has been incredibly rich. And now I know that it is the memories of sacred times with my friends my family and being a contribution that are the real dollars in the bank. 

When I am old those are the moments I will think about not the Gucci bag that I owned. There is nothing wrong with desiring beautiful things, I still drive a nice car. I still have nice clothes. However, my true bliss comes from intimate or fun moments that I spend with my loved ones.

Remember to cherish your time above your money!

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