Thursday, January 1, 2015

Accepting Love....As It Comes

I have many close and wonderful friends now.  But I remember a time when that wasn't the case.  Years ago I did not trust people.  Because they did not behave the way I do, I thought that there may be something wrong with them.  In my mind, my own behaviour, thoughts and words were the only way.  They were 100% correct and no one could have convinced me otherwise.  It was a very lonely time for me.

Over the last decade I have begun to allow love to flow to me the way that it wants too.  Instead of trying to teach all my family and friends my "Love Language" and learn theirs, which was exhausting, I have noticed and accepted love as it comes.

Just in my inner circle of girl friends, I have many different forms of love:

- by feeding me with homemade food
- by buying thoughtful and expensive gifts
- by writing incredible letters to me
- by calling me nearly daily to make sure I am well
- by arranging outings with me
- by walking arm in arm 

And then there are the not so popular ways of loving:

- by warning me if in their mind I am making a terrible mistake in dating
- by telling me possible problems in my business
- by re-arranging my furniture for better karma
- by letting me know that I need to lose some weight
- by illuminating a "blind spot"
- by reminding me of past transgressions

But now, instead of getting irate that I am being told what to do (which triggers a "don't you think I am smart enough to know what I am doing" response in me) - I actually listen with an OPEN HEART and notice how much courage and care it took for someone to voice their opinion and concern even though it may fall on deft ears or worse still that they could be punished for their "judgement".

It's 2015 and I don't want to chastise anyone for however they choose to love me.  We are all doing the BEST that we can, in our own way.


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