Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daily Meditation

I attempt to have a consistence practice of daily meditation for twenty minutes or more.  This short time allows me to find my breath and tame my mind - I even have moments of complete stillness which are incredible.

Sometimes I am in complete silence, and others I have a guided meditation session.  One of my favourites for the guided one is Depak Chopra who has been in amazing inspiration in my life to look for happiness.  He uses meditations with the ancient language of Sanskrit which looks and sounds beautiful.

One of his teachings is:

Saat - Chit - Ananda

Existence - Consciousness - Bliss

Here is what I derived from this:

Existence/Saat - we are living, just surviving, from our first breath or perhaps even from fertilisation, we are here, on Earth, in a body.

Consciousness/Chit - for me this means being completely soul centred and having a mastery over the mind.  Having awareness of thoughts, noticing but allowing them to pass.  Being connected to the deeper ONE.

BLISS/ANANDA - aka nirvana, ecstasy, paradise, blessedness or heaven.  This is a state of complete being and joy.  Where you move with the universe in a synchronistic way.  Where love and peace flow through you freely at all times.

I have created my BLISS/ANANDA pieces to have a daily reminder in front of my eyes of completeness and wholeness.  Namaste!

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