Monday, July 13, 2015

In the here and now is where BLiSS lies.

In my twenties I just lived.  I didn't question the "meaning of life".  I didn't think about consequences.  I didn't really choose my actions.  I just did whatever I did without much thought to it at all.  I didn't look ahead.  I didn't look back.  It was almost like a force outside of myself was dictating every experience.  I was in such a sense of survival that I didn't stop or even pause for a moment to see where I was at or where I was going.  I wasn't waiting for an experience or working towards a goal, I just ran, as fast as I could, in whatever direction life took me at that moment.  I don't even remember stopping and taking a deep breath!  I was practicing DOING.

And then came my thirties.  The ten years of "why?".  The decade of rationalization.  I spent my time analyzing the purpose of rules, peoples choices, my past, my future and many other things.  I took personal development courses, read books about relationships and psychology.  I studied various religions and looked at the origins of traditions.  It was almost a daily mission to find answers.  What foods were good and bad for me and why?  What should I do for my career?  What was the meaning of life?  And what was my "life's purpose?"  I did spend many hours meditating, contemplating, analyzing and "giving back".  I did Holographic re-patterning.  I went to a professional life coach.  I was practicing KNOWING.

And now - I am at the beginning of my forties.  A new decade.  I notice myself becoming more and more present.  Feeling a state of BLiSS is my duty.  And that it's only available right here and right now.  And now.  And now. That life is only pleasurable in the current moment and through my senses. That I can actually choose peace.  That I am able and willing to quiet the mind noise. That my ultimate joy can only be truly felt at this moment.  And the current moment can only be experienced with deep breath and gratitude for it.  The appreciation of this present time is access to return to it.  I am practicing BEING.

My BLiSS by Adeline jewels serve as a reminder for me to return to the present when my head wanders off.  There is no reason to listen to any stories that my mind is telling me - the finest drama is happening right in the here and now. My happiest moments are when I stay balanced, neutral and HERE - that is when I feel great peace and unified love.

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