Sunday, June 7, 2015

Be fully present. Be peaceful Be BLISS!!

It would be very difficult to cook a great meal without being able to be completely present and able to use your senses fully.  Being able to smell, taste, see, feel and hear are an integral part of cooking.  And even with those engaged - you can still make a mediocre meal!!!

It's the same with life - in order to live a rich and wonderful life - we need to continuously be present, peaceful and grateful for what currently is.  And to direct our senses to notice the good

Use our eyes to see kindness, beauty and nature. 

Our touch to feel silk, furry animals and soft skin.

Our ears to hear beautiful music, the waves of the ocean or the sound of a bird.

Our taste to enjoy sweet chocolate, a tart fruit or a salty snack.

Our nose to inhale a lovely rose, delicious cologne or a home cooked meal.

And when we are fully aware, awake and conscious, we can use our sixth sense - intuition - the most wonderful of all.

For me - BLISS only exists when I can be intently present and in my body (my senses) - and not in my mind.  That is where pure pleasure and happiness can be accessed and enjoyed.

So it's important to eliminate that which no longer serves your highest blissfulness.  For we can only serve the world when we are filled up with love first!

I wear my "Ananda: BLISS" hand jewels to remind me of staying right here and experiencing life in all of it's beauty with love!!!

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