Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wherever You Go : There You Are!

There is a fantastic book for understanding meditation called "Wherever you go there you are!" - you can buy it here.

I only started meditating regularly about a year ago.  The results of this mostly daily practice have been astounding.  I have now included in my program: "Tenacity + Generosity = Success" too.  

At first I was very confused about the reasons for meditating.  Why was I just sitting there for 20 minutes not talking with my eyes closed in a weird position?  But as the days went by and I became more and more conscious I realized the power of meditation.

Becoming the observer of your thoughts, instead of being all encompassed by them is a powerful tool.  If you feel completely attached to every opinion that passes through life can be very painful.  This emotion can drastically effect how you eat, spend money and a whole host of other "running away from your pain" responses.  After all, if you are feeling fear or regret and you can notice it and release it, versus going and having drinks, eating cake, smoking pot or buying new clothes, then you aren't being driven by your ego.

For me, I learned that being indulgent and generous with treating myself is notably different from having to have something to sooth myself.  And in the daytime when aggravating things happen, I quickly resume to happiness without the use of exterior crutches.

It's been truly amazing to slowly get more intentional about my habits and their effects on my general happiness in the long term instead of just a temporary fix!

Meditating daily is a vital part of my state of bliss.  Thank you so very much Grace Quantock for leading me to it!  If you would like to lead a more blissful life too, please book an appointment with Grace here.

And remember to make every day SWEET as you can truly choose!

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