Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How Often Are You Grateful For Your Breath?

Probably the most important thing in life is breath.  But we often take it for granted, until we are short of it, and then we appreciate it.

Do you ever sit and just take breath deep breaths and feel gratitude for it?  It seems silly but it is very powerful indeed

- Sit comfortably with your back supported
- Close your eyes
- Take a deep breath into your nose
- Notice how it feels to breathe
- Allow your stomach to expand with the breath entering
- Feel deep gratitude for your ability to breath

and then on the way out

- Part your mouth 
- Let the breath out
- Push all of it out from deep down
- Let go of all negativity in each exhale

Whatever is going on, as long as you have breath and can be deeply grateful for it, you can always access happiness!

Have an attitude of gratitude for all the precious things in your life!

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