Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Note to MYSELF!

It is your responsibility to bring yourself happiness.  To find good friends.  To be grateful.  To be kind.  To be thoughtful.

Whatever is going on in your life know that you are the cause of it.  Good or bad - you can choose to embrace experiences, learn and grow from them or instead you can be resentful, bitter and blaming.

The good news is that whatever has happened before, any experiences or habits that you didn't like are now in the past.  You have the opportunity to let go of it and now focus on the present.  Take time to be conscious that you are not making decisions based on fear because of previous experiences.  Just because you needed to protect before doesn't necessarily mean to need to again. 

Be a YES!  Be fun!  Be open!  

Connect with others in a way that they feel safe and loved!  Question constantly - don't always "know" the answer.  Be fluid. 

When you feel hurt, forgive easily.  Be compassionate with yourself and others.  Play the game of live with fullness and vigor! 

And every day, in every way, be sweet.  To yourself and others.

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