Thursday, July 31, 2014

What energizes you?

It's good to take inventory of all the things that make you feel wonderful! When life is feeling a little tough, it may be difficult to access your happy place, so have the list handy to pick from!  Here are some of mine!

Writing in my journal.  
Writing gratitude list for all of my blessings.  
Having a coaching or healing call.  
Writing a list of my contribution to others.  
Having tea with a friend.  
Shopping at the local farmers market.  
Beach walking.  
Talking with a friend.  
Going on holiday.  
Trying new things (hobbies, sports, foods).  
Taking a warm Jacuzzi.  
Playing with a dog.  
Eat a piece of CHOCbite
Making jewelry.  
Eating small portions of whole foods.  
Drinking lots of water.
Buying a gift for a loved one - just because.  
Getting a massage.  
Listening to loud music. 
Reading my birthday love notes (I asked my friends to write them to me for my 40th last year).  
Volunteering by helping others in need.  
Writing thank you notes.  
Waking up early after sleeping 8 hours. 
Doing something nice and unexpected for a friend or stranger.
Calling a friend for no reason other than to tell them I love them.
Read inspirational blogs.
Hand writing a letter.
Playing tennis!

Make sure to make it a SWEET day today!

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