Friday, August 8, 2014

Fake It Until You Make It!

I have realized that I am able to trick myself into enjoying things that I have to do.  This mind set serves me very well!  Over time, I have become happier and happier.  And when you are happy, the people around you become happier, and are nicer to you too, making you even happier.  Daily life becomes much more fun with a positive and optimistic attitude.  

As an example, we all have to brush our teeth, and do laundry, and drive in traffic.  Why not make it FUN?

How about doing a happy dance when you are brushing your teeth?

Or putting music on and singing while doing laundry?

Or making eye contact and smiling to people in other cars in traffic?  Or noticing the beautiful buildings, sky and trees?

Even when something sad happens, like losing a pet, you can turn that sadness to happiness by making a scrap book of photos and writing down all the happy memories you had with him.

This acceptance of all that is.  A consciousness that "LIFE is right" - instead of ME being right!  An understanding that all that happens is for the collective higher good.

So now as I go about my day, I am SWEET!  (Because I can)!!

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