Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A better relationship with myself

Getting things on the schedule is the first step to doing what you need to do, but for me, I have noticed that putting things on my calender is not enough.

I need a better relationship with MYSELF!  For example, if I have an appointment with a friend I will not cancel it.  If I make a promise to cook dinner for my Grandma I will do it.  If I agree to pick up the dry cleaning for my boyfriend, I take care of it.

But, I don't have the same commitment to myself.  I have noticed that I put yoga on the calender and just don't go.  I decide to cook myself healthful foods but I don't.  I have errand to do but I get lazy and don't do them.

My honesty and reliability to myself is EVEN MORE important than the one to others.  After all, keeping my agreements to others helps me LOOK GOOD, but being faithful to myself makes me FEEL GOOD.

For true and deep happiness, I will start treating myself even better than I treat others.  Here is my first step - yummy fresh nourishing food!

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