Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Conversation With My Deeper Self

Last night, I was lying in bed, just slowing my thoughts down to go to sleep and I felt a "presence" there.  like I wasn't alone, life a kind energy was with me.

I said "Hello?".  She responded "Hello darling!" back.  I paused.  Who was I talking to?  

And then I asked her a series of questions. 

"How are you?  Fabulous."

"What are you up to?  I am just here, always."

"Do you sleep when I sleep?  No, I am very energetic and don't need to recharge."

"Do you get scared?  No!  I am pure light and in that can be no darkness (fear)"

"Or angry!  No!  I am at peace!"

"So you are not happy either?  I am BLISSFUL!"

"What does that word mean to you?  Bliss means above happiness with a complete sense of loving peace."

"I want to be that way too!  You can - you have access to it through me.  Just get out of your head - it doesn't exist there."

"Do you see my dreams?  No - they are in your head."

"How do I get closer to you?" 

- Be sweet no matter what
- Love yourself (all parts of you)
- Contribute to your friends, family and community
- Share you individual genius as generously as possible
- Have loads of contemplative quiet time
- Get back in touch with lost friends and family
- Fuel your body with clean water and whole foods
- Be peaceful with the world
- Have some rigorous physical activity daily
- Stay open minded and hearted always
- Complete with anyone that you have harmed or that you feel has harmed you
- Have goals but release attachments to attaining them
- Finish projects
- Get comfortable with the unknown, you are out of control anyway
- Keep am organized and clean home
- Be in awe of nature
- Be extremely compassionate with yourself and others too
- Find the gift in all situations, there always is one
- Be powerfully gentle

"You are an incredible Woman Adeline.  I have been here with you since you were inside your Mummy's tummy.  I have seen all that you have been through and who you are from the inside out."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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