Monday, September 15, 2014

Why Can't We Just Be Happy Together?

Have you noticed that many times we pick a partner to date who is the complete opposite of us in many ways?  And how at the beginning we find those differences attractive and exciting but shortly after we start picking on them for those very things?

For instance a person that is super fun, spontaneous and playful may not be quite as serious, organized and reliable.

Is the point of relationship to heal and love those very areas that we may try to change in our partner?

With my current knowledge I have figured out that happiness is a choice and so it bratty-ness.  That in each moment I can choose to be compassionate and loving or complain and hateful. 

It's always better to choose LOVE!

So with my end goal of having a blissful life in my mind - I must always choose the reaction that supports living in an ecstatic and vibrant  relationship!

Not easy of course - but super simple.  So I am taking one small step at a time to correct my automatic behaviors.

1.  When I get "triggered" I will politely step away from the situation.

2.  I will observe my translations of what happened.

3.  I will ask myself is this really true for now or am I bringing a past wounding or future fear to this moment?

4.  I will breath deeply with negativity being exhaled and "bliss" being inhaled.

5.  I will re-choose LOVE instead.

6.  I will have great compassion for my own journey too!

What can you choose to let go of today?

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