Saturday, December 27, 2014

The season of (for) giving.

Buying gifts can be an easy way out.  It can provide temporary happiness or a short term repair to a relationship.  It can be a fast way to pretend you care or are a nice person.  Maybe you are being dutiful, or maybe you want to look good to others, or maybe you think you are getting a gift so you just feel obligated to give one too.  It is possible that you are gifting out of true love and unconditional sweetness, and if that's the case then that is awesome.

What I have noticed in my own life is that people want to be:

- seen
- truly heard
- understood
- felt for
- and forgiven

We are all human and we all make mistakes.  To me, love and compassion as well as releasing past transgressions (real or imagined) can be the finest gift of all.  To look lovingly at your loved ones, and to be completely present is the biggest present!

So, this holiday season, take a shot at FORgiving as well as giving!  

And while you are at it, perhaps try on forgiving yourself too!

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