Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Want to fall asleep easier?

I saw this illustration on Facebook today and I remembered that I used to have a problem falling asleep!!!  My mind would go crazy thinking about the past or the future.  Just as I got to bed it would begin, the fear or stories, and then I would get upset at it and fight it, which in turn worsened it.

Actually, my whole day used to be ruined by my very loud internal chatter.  Everyone I met was either a friend or an enemy- and I felt a hurried need to decide which they were.  Every experience was analysed to determine if it was good and bad.  It was exhausting. Right or wrong.  Black or white.

The beginning of my mind taming was meditation.  Having daily quiet time where I could hear my thoughts clearly was the first step.  Then I began journalling free form.  And finally I used this information to discern my commitment to BLiSS and I learned to redirect my thoughts to ones that served my happiness!!! 

As my thoughts improved so did my words and actions which led to increased self love and confidence which resulted in an inside out joy that I was looking for.

And as I increased this state - the bullies and unkind people and negative experiences seemed to float away from me.  It was replaced with kind, generous and unconditionally loving people and lucky and fun experiences.  This is not a coincidence- this is by my design.

You see - this is MY life and I own it fully!!!

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