Saturday, January 9, 2016

A time for Peace.

We often believe that our own opinions are the absolute truth. This is a problem. The issue with thinking that my thoughts and judgements are correct is that when someone has a differing view or behaves out of alignment with my personal rules of engagement - I get upset.  I throw up a disappointed eyebrow, or sigh heavily or even make a request for them to stop. But how is that working for me?

I am currently in Miami, lying by a deserted pool, except two other people.  A teenage boy and his little brother who is about 5 or 6 years old.  The young boy is running around, bombing into the pool and talking at the top of his lungs (in Spanish).  

This is where my mind started going:

- he's being so loud
- where are their parents?
- he's going to hurt himself
- English children aren't this loud
- it was so peaceful before he got here

And so beautiful time basking in the sun was being RUINED......BY ME!!!

You see - I have crowned myself Queen Adeline - the ruler of my own happiness.  And all of these thoughts were not in allignment with BLiSS.  And the good news is that I am the author, director and producer of my own thoughts - so I immediately redirected them.

- he is having such a good time!
- he is so handsome!
- he is safe!
- he's going to be an athlete!
- he has a cute voice!
- he is lucky that his big brother is playing with him!
- I am so grateful to be in Miami with my husband in a gorgeous hotel!
- I'm going to jump into the pool too!!!

You seconds with nearly no effort I now have a big smile on my face.

If you are feeling frustrated or aggravated - take just a moment to "change your mind" about your opinions that are not serving you.

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