Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 is here already!!!

It is now 2016 and I am setting my intentions for the year.  The reason I am not writing "resolutions" is because I feel that nothing is resolute (except my commitment to happiness).  So instead I will use the insights that I learn to stay in my BLiSS.

1.  Mastering the art of "letting go". Disappointments are the result of unmet expectations of people - which for me have resulted in pain.  This year I will focus on the good of my loved ones and practice releasing past hurts.  I will not take things personally.

2.  Using my judgements to better myself.  I will become curious about my own thoughts and convert them into powerful lessons to be a better person.  I will realize that me judging is the same thing that they are doing that is upsetting me and release negative thoughts knowing that all is well.

3.  Being healthy from the inside out.  I will be very in touch with my body's needs from the fuel I put in to the exercise that I do. 

4.  Being unconditionally giving.  I know that I am abundantly wealthy and so I will give freely of my love and knowledge when it is requested.

5.  Catering to my happiness.  I will spend my time with people who are elevating and and I will spend time consciously uplifting my friends too.  I will build the muscle of positive and loving thinking!

6.  A deep focus on gratitude.  I will continue my attitude of gratefulness when I redirect negative thoughts to realizations of my wonderful gifts!  This is a heart opening focus.

7.  A focus on what I want.  I will plan my actions and implement my strategies without attachment to continue my purposes.  I will be authentically fully self expressed!

This year will be a continuation of loving freely and connecting with the flow of life. In my daily life I will spread happiness to al of my environment. My journey is a practice of total BLiSS!

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