Sunday, December 20, 2015

Getting back to NOW!


Which one of your 5 senses gets you MOST present?  Which one can cut through all of your streaming thoughts and being you back here?  Mine is SMELL.  It is the one physical sense that I value the most.  And knowing which one gives me the tool of accessing it when I need calm.  If I am having trouble quietening my mind - all I have to do is grab something that awakens my nose and I can return to the now.  Here are some things that I use:

- hot tea
- chocolate (I own
- perfume
- orange peel
- rose body cream

If I am at a dinner and someone is being rude and I am getting agitated - you will see me smelling my fingers - to help me know that all is well.

Pay attention to your personal and individual needs so that you can be ready to respond in a conscious way to triggers that take you of course of happiness!!

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