Thursday, December 10, 2015

A system for BLiSS.

Do you want to be happier?  The absolute FIRST STEP is to LOVE YOURSELF MORE.  Whatever it have to learn to forgive yourself for past transgressions and fall madly, deeply and utterly in LOVE WITH YOURSELF IN EVERY WAY.

When I was younger, I didn't like myself much.  I believed the bullies and family members that said that I was ugly, fat or "the devils child" (yes, really, that's what I was called - product of a divorced family where the Mother and Father HATED each other).  I allowed other people's opinions of me to dictate how I felt about myself.  When I was told that I wasn't smart - I took that role on and played stupid.  This went on until around my mid twenties.  

The turning point was that I realized that I had been financially supporting myself since I was 17 years old.  That I had built a successful construction company of my own hard work (nothing handed to me) - that I had bought my own cars, clothes, food, shelter - all with no concern from any family members. I realized that - even thought I wasn't perfect - I had been a generally good person.  

The next ten years were my biggest growth spurt.  I started reading books to help me improve as a person.  I attended seminars. I stopped smoking.  I picked up a healthy sport (tennis).  I paid off all debt.  I started saving.  I started volunteering.  I surrounded myself with good loving people.  I started conscious companies (like  I treated my staff well.  I adopted shelter dogs.  I got fit and lost 50lbs (take a look at that  I made amends for past mistakes. I forgave the abuse of my childhood.  I learned to quiet my mind and become more humble (I am still working on this one!!!)  I cleaned up my eating habits.  

And every day, ever so slightly, as I improved my actions one by one, I developed more and more self love and happiness - from the INSIDE OUT.  Why is this important?  I believe that you can NOT love another person - let alone the world - unless you first completely LOVE YOURSELF.

So whatever actions would make you proud of yourself today - start implementing them.  Tell me one - what can you do today to show great love and affection for yourself?

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