Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our thoughts are immensely powerful!!!

Today I woke up feeling great.  I have been a little ill the last two days and the contrast of waking up feeling healthy made me excited to be alive!!!  And today when I looked in the mirror I thought - "you look good!!!"  

And that thought is SO powerful.  Just because of that ONE thought:

- I have a spring in my step
- I have a smile on my face
- I dressed in a cute outfit
- I put perfume on
- I have a happy tone in my voice
- I put some makeup on
- I am standing tall
- I am swinging my hips when I walk
- I feel HAPPY!!!

And you know what?  All of these things that I did because I THOUGHT that I look cute today......MADE me look cute today!!!

Pay attention to your inner truly rules your experience of life!!!

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