Friday, December 18, 2015

Tea time.

When I began journaling, meditating and spending relaxed time with nature, I realized that the thoughts in my head were very negative indeed.  I had a lot of fear, jealousy, anxiety and horrible self talk too.  No wonder I was overweight, unhappy and lethargic!!!   

The first step for me was noticing the thoughts.  Just imagining that I was sitting on a couch and watching the thoughts pass by on a TV screen.

Next was disassociating from the thoughts themselves.  Knowing that those thoughts are just there and I don't have to "feel" them in my body.  They could just float by like they are on clouds.

And finally I became accustomed to redirecting the thoughts to positive ones.

This was a fun exercise and the more I practiced it the better I got at it.  I love knowing that I have this power.

Then came times when I was really low, scared or angry - for those times I needed different tools.  One of the amazing ones that I found was the H'opo'ono prayer.  It is just four statements - repeated in any order you choose - and it goes like this:

I am sorry.
I forgive you.
Thank you.
I love you.

I realized that anything other than LOVE, FUN, COMPASSION and BLISS is not real for me - but sometimes I disconnect and get deluded.  So in order to return to my true divine state - I make myself a beautiful pot of tea - and I say this prayer while taking slow deep breaths and inhaling the aroma of my tea.

For me - total bodily presence is pure ecstasy- and the reason that we are here - to be as human as possible without shields or protection.  All is well.

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