Sunday, December 13, 2015

My happiness - my choice.

My husband and I were playing tennis at Riviera Country Club on Friday night with a networking group.  It was really fun.  We first play tennis and then go to dinner at the private dining area all together.

After the tennis - one of the men asked if Robert was my son!!!  (He is two years older than me).  Anyway - I calmly said, "no he is my husband."  I didn't think anything of it at all.  There wasn't any getting upset, or being outraged or feeling bad.  Why?  Because I feel sexy and young looking!!!  I didn't make his words mean that I look old and haggard. There was no element of my thoughts that attached to his words.  

There have been other times when someone said something that really upset me.  The difference now is that I notice when I am having "charged feelings" and I get to CHOOSE to feel differently.  My feelings are DIRECTED BY ME!!!  At any moment - if I wish to - I get to rewrite the script that is playing in my head.  It's awesome.

So more and more I am writing comedy screenplays for my life - and less drama and action.

This is how I keep my life sweet!  (Well - AND I happen to be a chocolatier too).  Take a look at 

(Pictured here 74% CHOCdark with Himalayan Pink Salt and Natural Marshmallows)

Have a blissful day - because you can!!!

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