Friday, December 11, 2015

Attention To Details.

I take pride in keeping my environmental pretty, clean and organized.  I have noticed what a big difference this makes to my happiness level.  If my space is tidy, the right temperature and bright - I am energized and eager for the day ahead.

The same goes for my car!!!  If it is polished, clean and well functioning with good CDs in the system - driving is FUN!!!

And also with my food and eating habits. I pay close attention to which foods uplift me physically and emotionally.  When I serve any meal - however simple it is - I give thanks with a small blessing and make the plate very appetizing visually.  Here is a celery and chicken stew that I cooked yesterday!!!

My 7 chakra BLiSS by Adeline piece is always a reminder to stay aligned and connected to my joy at all times!  It is a choice after all!!!

To your health and happiness!!!

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